"Angie's passion is inspiring others and she delivers on that passion!"

- Michael Stopskopf, CEO

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A dynamic and passionate speaker Angie speaks to hundreds of people each year on the topics of Engagement, Leadership & HR Transformation delivering strategies that challenge traditional practices and inspire forward-thinking leaders to fully engage themselves and make work meaningful and fulfilling while producing extraordinary outcomes and service.

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Each is available as a Keynote, Workshop or Breakout Session


"Leadership - Love It or Leave It"

Based on Angie's new book Leadership - Love It or Leave It; Choosing for yourself when the world says climb

Angie teaches audiences to define success on their own terms to drive engagement!

Learning Outcomes:
  • Define modern day leadership and engagement
  • Understand the real dynamics of followership
  • Explore personal engagement and why great leadership is personal
  • Learn personal leadership strategies to prevent burnout

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HR Leadership

HEART - The Power of Leading From Within  

There has never been a more exciting and challenging time to be in Human Resources! Constant change, increasing demands and evolving expectations have become the new normal.  It's time for a fresh perspective on influencing, motivating and engaging yourself and others to achieve extraordinary results.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss the evolving expectations of HR the are impacting you, your team and your culture
  • Explore the HEART of Leadership model
  • Gain strategies for effectively influencing others in a way that engages and inspires positive outcomes
  • Learn how your own engagement affects your ability to impact and influence

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Human Resources

My Name is Not “HR”

Leadership Presence for HR Professionals 

The role of Human Resources continues to expand and HR professionals that can effectively advise, influence and inform strategic planning and operations are critical to the success of every organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Define executive presence and how it impacts your effectiveness
  • Discover the 3 most important elements of leadership presence
  • Recognize and change behaviors and communication habits that may be holding you back
  • Learn practical tools for establishing credibility and confidence in any role 

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"Millennials, Xers & Boomers...Oh My!"

Engaging the Generations and Finding Success Beyond the Labels

With so much information and hype being published about millennials, X-ers, Boomers and now gen Z, it's easy to get lost in the labels or know exactly what to do to engage your workforce, teams or consumers effectively.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the characteristics of each generation
  • Understand the valuable dynamics of a multi-generational team
  • Explore the stereotypes that are impacting engagement at every level
  • Learn engagement strategies that span the generations and leverage the best of each

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What people are saying...

“Every person I met after your presentation and even the following morning, told me how much they thoroughly enjoyed YOU! The training was relevant, informative and fun. It is nice when you feel the speaker "gets" it! Thank you so much!”

~ Meaghan Shaughnessy, Operations Director

“Fabulous speaker and the material was presented in a new, exciting way!" "My favorite session by far!" "Fantastic session! Insightful, entertaining, engaging (no pun intended)." "Best session of the conference." "Loved (her) definition of engagement"

~ Attendees - Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues (May 2017)