IMPACT Leadership

Leadership for The New World of Work

Best Audiences: Emerging, Mid-level, Senior-level leaders

Format: 1/2 day workshop, 60-90 minute breakout, 1 hour keynote

The world of work has changed and no one knows that better than leaders!  

This program addresses today’s state of constant change, 24/7 access, multi-generational teams and pressure to do more with less that is causing higher levels of stress, burnout and frustration than ever.   

The good news...there is a better way to manage change, beat stress, be more productive AND love what you do.  Angie challenges traditional leadership practices and shares the tools and perspective needed for influencing, motivating and engaging others to achieve results. 

In this program Angie shares her 6-part formula with audiences to move them from being outwardly “successful” to being highly engaged, highly productive, more effective and genuinely satisfied with work, life and the IMPACT they want to have in the world.  Attendees will discover leadership skills to immediately improve performance, productivity and possibilities in work and life. 

Attendees leave re-energized, re-engaged and ready to be the extraordinary leaders they want to be! 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Learn the 6-part formula for highly engaged, rewarding and IMPACTful leadership
  • Discover the skills that leaders need and already have to engage and lead others to extraordinary performance
  • Learn how to positively embrace change, reduce stress and smile more
  • Understand evolving workplace trends that are impacting leaders today

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Influence:  The Leadership Superpower That Drives Engagement

Best Audiences: Emerging, Mid-level, Senior-level leaders

Engaged employees or members are critical for your organization to deliver value and drive important initiatives. Powerfully and effectively influencing your employees or members will help you engage them on what matters, increasing commitment to quality, service and outcomes for your organization. Angie has helped leaders refine this superpower for over 20 years and she shares real strategies to make you more effective.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the power of influence and how it trumps traditional ‘management’ styles
  • Discover the skills that you need and already have to engage and lead your employees or members to get involved and stay active
  • Gain strategies for communication that engages and inspires action
  • Improve your leadership effectiveness through consistent and meaningful messages that draw in talent