For the Love of God Leaders…USE YOUR BLINKER!

To the driver (leader) in the black, sedan with luxury trim and tricked out wheels: 

You are not the only one on the highway! There are thousands of us riding along side of you, in front of you and behind you. Some of us are headed in the same direction and others of us are headed straight for you. If you do not use the tools and features of your vehicle to let us know what you’re doing, like changing lanes or turning, then we have no idea where in the hell you are going. And if I don’t know what you’re up to I can’t plan or react accordingly. This driving thing requires trust. We’re all cruising around out here in our 2,000+ pound vehicles, carrying precious cargo, headed in various directions separated most times by nothing more than a painted stripe on the ground (if that). It requires a TON OF TRUST!

I have to trust that you know where you’re going, have mapped out your route and that you’re paying attention to the signs coming up and flying by all around you. I have to trust that if you miss an exit, change your destination or realize that you need more fuel, that you will use good judgement and consider the safety and welfare of yourself and those of us cruising around you. I have to assume that you have prepared yourself for this trip and that you’re not driving under some artificial influence, impaired by emotional exhaustion, stress or sleep deprivation. I have to trust you to maintain your vehicle, ensure that your blinkers, brakes, mirrors and accelerators work and that you’ll get new ones when they don’t.

I have to trust that you understand the incredible responsibility that you accepted when you took on the title of licensed driver and put your butt in the driver’s seat. And that you appreciate the impact of your decisions to plan, pay attention, take care of yourself, keep your tools up-to-date and remember you’re not driving out here alone. I have to trust that you value your ride and what’s inside as much as I do because we are all carrying the most precious cargo that exists…life!

So please leaders…I beg you…USE YOUR BLINKER!

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