Engaging The Generations

Success Beyond the Labels

Best Audiences: Emerging, Mid-level, Senior-level leaders, Associations

With so much information and hype being published about millennials, X-ers, Boomers and now gen Z, it's easy to get lost in the labels or know exactly what to do to engage your workforce, teams or consumers effectively.  The reality is that there are three, almost four, distinct generations in the marketplace and at work making it more important than ever to understand what's really going on and how it affects the way you engage the generations.

In this insightful and interactive training Angie explains the unique generational characteristics, stereotypes and influences that are impacting the way we do just about everything.  Learn the essential strategies for engaging every generation in your space.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the characteristics of each generation
  • Understand the valuable dynamics of a multi-generational team
  • Explore the stereotypes that are impacting engagement at every level
  • Learn engagement strategies that span the generations and leverage the best of each

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