Leading With Mission exists to inspire and teach mission-driven people and organizations to get real, get fully engaged and get committed to doing meaningful and impactful work that creates joy and brings more good to the world.

Ever feel like there HAS to be a better way to do this leadership thing?!?  Me too!

After 20 years of mentoring and supporting talented people at every level struggling with stress, frustration, burnout, self-doubt, emotional exhaustion and low personal engagement in their roles I KNEW there was a better way.  But, it wasn't until I struggled with my own engagement issues that I realized how truly painful disengagement is for the leader and the teams they so desperately want to to support.  It was then that I made it my personal mission to end the suffering that happens for leaders and their teams when engagement, alignment or purpose at work is missing.

I founded Leading With Mission to inspire and teach leaders to lead with what matters most to make work meaningful and fulfilling while producing extraordinary outcomes and service.  And I LOVE this stuff!

Our organizations, our communities...our world needs people that are fully engaged in serving their purpose through their work.  People that want to contribute, that want to make a difference...people like YOU!

If you're ready to be more effective, more fulfilled and more engaged...let's connect and discuss how you can be the leader you want to be.

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My personal mission is to inspire people to be better than they believe they can be. 

What's yours?